Photo of Göran Forsling

Göran Forsling

Associate Professor

I teach calculus to engineering students. My interest is mathematical analysis, and I have written a textbook together with Mats Neymark, entitled "Matematisk analys, en variabel". The book is used as course literature in the engineering programmes.

CV and Teaching


  • Head of the Department of Mathematics, 2015-2020
  • Deputy Head of Division for Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, 2012-2014
  • Head Director of Studies at the Department of Mathematics, 2007-2014
  • Leadership training, 2007
  • Director of Studies at Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, 2002-2014
  • Licentiate of Engineering, 1990
  • Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, 1984


  • Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations for Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Foundation Course in Mathematics for Chemical Biology Engineering, and Engineering Biology Engineering