Photo of Gueorgui Kostov Gueorguiev

Gueorgui Kostov Gueorguiev

Associate Professor, Docent

Leader of the research and education network in materials science between Linköping University (Sweden) and the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil).


Dr. G. K. Gueorguiev is a project leader and expert in theoretical design and experimental verification of nanostructured and low-dimensional materials.

Dr. G. K. Gueorguiev completed his PhD degree in Theoretical Physics on the structural and electronic properties of carbon- and silicon-based clusters at University of Coimbra, Portugal (2003) with the exceptional mark “Cum Laude” and following a fellowship from the prestigious Portuguese Instituto Camões.

Since 2004 he is with the Linköping University (LiU), Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM). At LiU he started a new line of research on theoretical design of nanostructured carbon-based thin films with pre-defined properties and with immediate experimental verification (project and research leader: VR, SSF).

His research interests expand towards 2D and van der Waals structures, layered compounds and coatings with applications in aviation. Theoretical approaches include first-principles and effective methods in computational materials science, synthesis techniques involve magnetron sputtering, MOCVD, atomic-layer deposition. 

Together with his PhD degree in Theoretical Physics from University of Coimbra, Portugal, Dr. G. K. Gueorguiev holds a MSc degree in Portuguese language and literature from Department for Ibero-Roman Languages, Faculty for Classical and New Languages, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria (1997).

LiU- UFBA Research and Education Network

Dr. G. K. Gueorguiev is the initiator and the leader of a research network in materials science between Linköping University (LiU), Sweden and the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil (STINT, VR-SRL, CAPES, CNPq projects) operating for more than 10 years and generating results with recognized impact in research and education.

The achievements of the LiU – UFBA network have been recognized with the signing of an agreement on academic, cultural, and scientific cooperation between LiU and UFBA in March 2016, and highlighted at:

  • Brazil-Sweden Excellence Seminar, May 2016, Brasília DF, Brazil
  • Sweden Brazil Innovation Weeks, November 2018, São Paulo, Brazil

The LiU-UFBA network is expanding by involving research leaders from other Brazilian universities, such as:

  • University of São Paulo
  • Mackenzie Presbyterian University
  • Federal University of São Carlos, São Paulo state
  • Federal University of Santa Maria, the state of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Federal University of Paraná
  • Federal University of ABC, São Paulo state

Venues include:

  • Workshop, April 2017 “2D and layered materials: from honeycomb sheets to nanocomposites”, Salvador, Brazil
  • Meeting, October 2019 "Nanoscale phenomena in ultrathin films", São Paulo, Brazil



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