Photo of Gunvor Larsson Torstensdotter

Gunvor Larsson Torstensdotter

Associate Professor

Psychology and functional variation, combined with leadership in higher ed, make up my working day. I am director of Didacticum and my tasks include encouraging those who teach teachers and making sure that the LiU students experience good teaching.


I am driven by curiosity and an intense desire to learn. It is my ambition that teaching activities at LiU are inspiring, challenging and joyous, since I am convinced that people find it easier to understand complicated phenomena if the pathway to understanding is fun.

My job as director of Didacticum involves me interacting with all levels of the university, from an individual teacher who wants to discuss ideas for a course component, or a programme or division that wants to develop the teaching skills of its staff, to the management of a faculty or the university in its entirety needing a sounding board or expertise in developing teaching skills. Didacticum collaborates also with others in Sweden and abroad. I have been a teacher at Didacticum since 2012, and was appointed its director in 2016. It is my goal that Didacticum is to be a place for discussions about teaching strategy while taking a coffee, and I’m sure that when we move to the new Student Building in 2019 teachers will find it easier to just drop in.

My background is as a psychologist, and I have worked primarily with children at school and in habilitation. It was here that my interest in conditions within the autism spectrum was awakened, and in 2007 I submitted my doctoral thesis in disability research with the title: “Aspergern, det är jag: En intervjustudie om att leva with Asperger syndrom” (“The Asperger guy, that’s me. An interview study about living with Asperger syndrome.”)

After my doctoral disputation, I was programme coordinator for the psychology programme for several years, and together with teachers in psychology worked towards creating Sweden’s best psychology programme. Now it is my goal to ensure, together with my colleagues at Didacticum, that all LiU students have teachers who are wise and have reflected deeply over their role as teacher. Because we must never forget that the students and their learning are most important at our university!



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