Photo of György Barabas

György Barabas

Associate Professor, Docent



György Barabas, András Szigeti (2023) Using Quotas as a Remedy for Structural Injustice Erkenntnis, Vol. 88, p. 3631-3649 Continue to DOI
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Oluwafemi D. Olusoji, György Barabas, Jurg W. Spaak, Simone Fontana, Thomas Neyens, Frederik De Laender, Marc Aerts (2023) Measuring individual-level trait diversity: a critical assessment of methods Oikos, Vol. 2023, Article e09178 Continue to DOI
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G. Boza, György Barabas, I. Scheuring, I. Zachar (2023) Eco-evolutionary modelling of microbial syntrophy indicates the robustness of cross-feeding over cross-facilitation Scientific Reports, Vol. 13, Article 907 Continue to DOI