Photo of Haqqi Bahram

Haqqi Bahram

PhD student

My research explores statelessness and its various intersections in contexts of forced migration and asylum and in relation to identity formation and belonging.

PhD Project

Syrian Kurds and Politics of Citizenship: Between Statelessness and Displacement

Focusing on life narratives of stateless Kurds from Syria in Sweden and Germany, I critically examine politics of citizenship between home and exile interrogating 'solutions' to the problem of statelessnessGrounded in stateless standpoint epistemology, my study aims to unpack (the legacy of) statelessness within the current context of forced migration and its socio-political impact on constructions of identity and belonging.

Theoretically I draw from theories of citizenship, forced migration, standpoint epistemology and identity.


Research network

Global PhDs on Statelessness Network (GPS), hosted by The Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness 

Research environment