Dr. Helena Herbertsson has a Bachelor in Chemistry from Linköping University (1990) and a PhD in Medical Cell Biology, from the Medical Faculty at Linköping University (1998). She is currently a lecturer in Chemistry, and teaches General Chemistry as well as Biochemistry.

Dr. Herbertsson has been the Head of the Programme Board for Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology since 2006. This position includes planning, monitoring, evaluating and making strategic considerations of ten undergraduate programmes in the field of Biology, Biotechnology and Chemistry. 

Amongst these programmes are the Engineering Programmes in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering as well as Bachelor’s Programmes and Master’s Programmes in Chemistry, Biology and Chemical Biology. Dr. Herbertsson was also a member of the Programme Board for a Bachelor’s and Master’s Programme in the field of Biomedicine at the Medical Faculty between 2006 and 2017.

Since beginning of 2018, Dr. Herbertsson has been the Deputy Dean for Education at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Her main focus has been quality assurance, internationalization in education and the coordination of relevant matters with the other faculties at Linköping University.