Photo of Helena Svanberg

Helena Svanberg


Education administrator for the Nursing Program at the Department of Nursing and Reproductive Health (ORH).

The foundation of my work is to collaborate with and support teachers and students regarding the various parts within education administration.

My tasks and areas of responsibility

• Administrator for semester 1 and 2 (Back-up semester 3)
• Rescheduler of premises in Timeedit for the ORH department
• The servicewebsite for student-related questions (LiU-desk)
• VFU-administration

I work in the following systems

• Ladok; study administrative system
• Lisam; Digital learning platform
• TAL; Exam booking system
• EXAM; electronic grading protocols
• Wiseflow; Digital examination
• Liu-desk (service website)
• Bilda; course database
• Timeedit; Scheduling/rescheduling of promises