Photo of Henrik Hardell

Henrik Hardell

PhD student



Henrik Hardell (2024) Optimization of Aircraft Arrival Operations for Improved Environmental Efficiency


Henrik Hardell, Anastasia Lemetti, Tatiana Polishchuk, Lucie Smetanová (2023) Performance Characterization of Arrival Operations with Point Merge at Oslo Gardermoen Airport Fifteenth USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar
Anastasia Lemetti, Henrik Hardell, Tatiana Polishchuk (2023) Arrival flight efficiency in pre- and post-Covid-19 pandemics Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol. 107, Article 102327 Continue to DOI


Henrik Hardell, Anastasia Lemetti, Tatiana Polishchuk (2022) Performance Evaluation of the Arrival Operations in Terminal Area
Henrik Hardell, Tatiana Polishchuk (2022) Evaluation of the Noise Benefits from Performing CDO in TMA Using OpenSky Data