Labour Migration from the Baltic Region.

Indre´s particular research interest is in labour migration and its impact on origin and destination countries in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions.

Indre Genelyte came to Remeso in April 2011. She graduated from Vilnius University (Lithuania) with BA degree in Social Work and MA degree in Social Work, Social Policy Programme. 

During her studies her research interests were:
Youth policy in Lithuania and European Union, youth participation in NGO's (BA thesis, 2009); Outreach approaches in social work. Indre participated in international qualitative research, organised by The NORM (Network on Research and Masters) network. She presented the results of the study "Outreach approaches in Lithuanian Social Work" at the NORM conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2010. The report was published in the book "Outreach Approaches in Social Work. An International perspective" by Hogeschool Utrecht, Centre of Social Innovation (editors: Raymond Kloppenburg and Peter Hendriks);
Living standards of old age pensioners.

Indre received a grant from the Research Council of Lithuania for scientific practice in the Lithuanian Social Research Center. The results of the quantitative study were presented in the article "Old Age Pensioners’ Living Standards Development in 1999-2008" in the peer-reviewed journal "Gerontologija", 11(3), 2010;
Poverty and Social Exclusion in European Union, Welfare State (MA thesis, 2011).

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