Inessa Laur

Associate Professor

My research focusses on entrepreneurship, business support and intermediary organisations, primarily the construction industry and tourism as well as their influence on regional development. I approach these topics from a sustainability perspective.

Current research

Sustainable gazelle firms and re-vitalization of old industrial regions

The focus of the project is to investigate challenges to continuous growth and supportive mechanisms, such as, for example, intermediating agents. The aim  is to find success formulae that sustain high-growth companies  – gazelle companies. The gazelles are known as drivers for new start-ups, potential for new working occasions, and stimuli for the development of the industry. The results from the project are intended to serve as guidelines for policy makers, providing insights into alternative pathways for development in the local context.

Sustainability and tourism in the local context

Tourism is seen as an alternative pathway for local development and an arena in which new jobs can be created. The project focusses on collaboration platforms between different municipalities in order to create better policy, and strategies to develop the tourism sector. Moreover, the division of responsibilities between different actors and the process of implementation of new working practices are other major cornerstones of the project.

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Teaching activities

I am involved in several teaching activities, such as courses in organizational entrepreneurship, leadership and network fields.

My course portfolio includes also methodological courses, together with supervision of thesis work for advanced students.