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Ingemar Rundquist

My research interest deals with regulation of cell growth and differentiation. I have previously led a research group that more specifically studied the role of linker histones within this area.

Regulation of cell growth and differentiation in normal skin and psoriasis

My participation in this project concerns regulation of cell growth and differentiation in normal epidermis and in psoriatic epidermis.

We are for example using fluorescence based methods, both microscopy and flow cytometry, for this purpose.

Responsible for the research project is Professor Charlotta Enerb├Ąck.

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Anna Gréen, Bettina Sarg, Henrik Green, Anita Lönn, Herbert H Lindner, Ingemar Rundquist (2011) Histone H1 interphase phosphorylation becomes largely established in G(1) or early S phase and differs in G(1) between T-lymphoblastoid cells and normal T cells Epigenetics & Chromatin, Vol. 4 Continue to DOI