From surfaces research to printed electronics

[No text in field]Starting from a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, I completed my PhD in Applied Physics at Linköping University in 1996.

The subject of the thesis was measurements of how small molecules, for example water, adher differently to different surfaces depending on the outermost few atoms of the surface.

Tryckt produkt från LiUFollowing this, I worked at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI, researching electrooptical sensor systems in the infrared and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum.

During 2001-2007, I ventured into organic electronics for the first time, developing organic ferroelectric memory technology at the startup company Thin Film Electronics.

From there, I stepped back into the academic world, where I now lead the Printed Electronics group at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics. In addition to the research, which occupies most of my time, I teach both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and serve as one of the two deputy heads of the department.

Photo credit: Thor Balkhed
From left Jesper Edberg and Isak Engquist in Clean room, Campus Norrköping.




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