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Isaac Holst

Communications Officer

I coordinate the work with content for where we present programmes and courses offered by the university. My role also includes a similar responsibility for

Guide to the right choise of studies and show how the university makes a difference in the society around us

I am a member of the Student Recruitment and Alumni Office (STAL) in the Communications and Marketing Division, whose tasks include spreading knowledge about education and collaboration. The division provides professional support to the organisation in communication and marketing.

Education on

I work to present LiU's educational offerings in a relevant and attractive way for prospective students on the web. We are to guide them to a well-founded choice of study and show what a university education enables. I do this work together with colleagues at the Communications and Marketing Division and coordinators and communicators at the faculties and departments at LiU.

Collaboration on

Collaboration with the surrounding community is a cornerstone and success factor for LiU. Together with colleagues from different units and areas of responsibility, I am working to show on how knowledge from LiU benefits society and how we collaborate with the surrounding society in different ways.

What I do

My main tasks are both strategic and operational:

  • Drive, coordinate and be responsible for the development of communication towards our primary target group - prospective students. This is with a main focus on the external web.
  • Plan, implement and monitor communication and marketing activities.
  • Develop content and messages, with integration between different channels as a natural part of the work.
  • Collaborate with project managers, coordinators and communicators in the organisation.
  • Collaborate with other internal and external partners.

My Division