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Jard Svensson

I am PhD-student with clinical affiliation at Department of Neurosurgery at Linköping University Hospital. My research is about surgery and rehabilitation in patient with cervical radiculopathy with a focus on headache, dizziness and imbalance.

Surgery and rehabilitation in patient with cervical radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy is characterized by radicular pain and sensory impairment, usually in one arm, caused by compression and/or inflammation of one or more nerve roots in cervical spine.

Approximately 50 % among the individuals with the condition have headache, commonly classified as cervical headache. It`s also common with dizziness and impaired balance.

As the research is inadequate in current field, I hope that my research will improve the rehabilitation and care chain for the patient with cervical radiculopathy.

About me


  • 2011 Degree of Bachelor of Medical Science in Physiotherapy 
  • 2017 Degree of Master of Medical Sciences in Physiotherapy 
  • 2019 PhD-student



Jard Svensson, Anneli Peolsson, Anna Hermansen, Jeremy J. Cross, Allan Abbott, Joshua A. Cleland, Marie Kierkegaard, Marie Halvorsen, Asa Dedering (2023) The effect of neck-specific exercise and prescribed physical activity on headache and dizziness in individuals with cervical radiculopathy: Further analyses of a randomized study with a 1-year follow-up Physiotherapy Theory and Practice Continue to DOI


Jard Svensson, Anna Hermansen, Johanna Wibault, Håkan Löfgren, Åsa Dedering, Birgitta Öberg, Peter Zsigmond, Anneli Peolsson (2020) Neck-Related Headache in Patients With Cervical Disc Disease After Surgery and Physiotherapy A 1-Year Follow-up of a Prospective Randomized Study Spine, Vol. 45, p. 952-959 Continue to DOI