Together with my colleague Anna Karin Malmborg I am senior coordinator for teaching and liaison librarianship. This means we are responsible for coordination, evaluation and development within these areas together with the library’s teaching librarians.

The university library has 40 dedicated liaison librarians who in different ways support students, teachers and researchers at LiU. Our liaison librarians teach and support information seeking, referencing and antiplagiarism and keep up dated with the literature within their subjects.

My position is at the Medical library as liaison librarian. In this role I take part in the work of the Working group for scientific approach for the Medical programme. I also teach structured information seeking and referencing in the PhD-course SCAIR.

You are very welcome to contact me:
• As a teacher if you want to find out how our liaison librarians can support your teaching and help students increase their information literacy and avoid plagiarism.

• As a medical student when you need support for your information seeking, when you have question around resources or need support for referencing.