Professor of Furniture Culture

In the past ten years, my research has been centred on three topics: Arts & Crafts, folk art and the Swedish peasantry decor known as “allmoge”, and materials, technology and design throughout furniture history. All topics are linked in a direct and concrete manner to education at Malmstens.

Arts & Crafts, a movement that started in England around the turn of the century 1900, concerns the significance of handicraft in creative design, together with the adoption of social responsibility and the creation of a good home and quality of life – for poor and rich alike. Knowledge about the correlation between materials, technology and design, and how various technical manufacturing problems have been solved through history are two areas that are related to questions of sustainability and the ability to choose the most suitable method in a particular context. I believe that the increasing interest for folk art in our days is coupled with a desire to expand our panorama beyond the western design that has become the norm.

In the coming years, I intend to continue my research into the Swedish Arts & Crafts movement, in particular as it is expressed in the home of artists Karin and Carl Larsson in Sundborn, with all its examples of reuse and a reverence for local handicraft and culture.

I strive to ensure that my research is an integral part of the education at Malmstens, and that it is compatible with the visions of what we’re trying to achieve here, in both the long and short terms. The interests, questions, points of view and knowledge of the students guide and support me in my research and vice versa: the construction of knowledge I achieve provides a new basis of the ongoing development, achievement of greater depth and reflection of the students.

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New light on heritage interior design

The project Dekorerade interiörer i Hälsingegårdar – en holistisk studie av kulturhistoriskt världsarv is an interdisciplinary project that comprises a number of subprojects carried out in collaboration between several institutions of higher education. The University of Gothenburg has overall responsibility for the budget and project management.

The group comprises eight researchers who specialise in chemistry, physics, preservation, preservation science, ethnology and art history.

Reveals the secrets of the Hälsingland farmhouses (University of Gothenburg) 

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Summary CV

  • 1981-2009: Active at several museums (Skokloster Castle, Vasa Museum, Nordiska museet) working with history and public outreach based on artefacts.


  • 2001: Presented a doctoral thesis in the history of art at Stockholm University entitled: “Folkliga möbler – tradition och egenart”, in which the characteristics of the vernacular furniture culture is analysed with respect to local affiliation, manufacturing technology and aesthetic properties.


  • 2009-present: holder of the Byggmästare John Mattson Chair of Furniture Culture at Malmstens Linköping University and Nordiska museet.

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