Malmstens Linköping University (MLU)

Malmstens Linköping University provides training in furniture design, cabinetmaking, and upholstery. We are part of the Department of Management and Engineering.

Student at MalmstensMalmstens LiU Photo credit Anna Nilsen

Malmstens became part of Linköping University in 2000, but is located at Campus Lidingö in Stockholm. We offer educational programmes in Furniture Design, Furniture Cabinetmaking and Furniture Upholstery. All programmes are three years and consist of 180 ECTS credits, an international Bachelors Degree. After graduating you are eligible to apply for a Master.


Man works with wood

The Malmstens programme changed Sebastián's life

People around me said it was impossible. And my portfolio has to be the ugliest they'd seen. But I was accepted into the Malmstens cabinetmaking programme, on Lidingö.

Tre peole around a table

A teacher can choose to be committed

What makes a really good teacher? Commitment and maybe the ability to get up early in the morning. When the first two award winners of Ingemars Lärarpris get together, the discussion ranges from teachers as role models to students who learn for life.

Leif Burman

Master carpenter wins major teaching award

He has been a teacher almost all his life. Being engaged, caring about his students and showing what’s possible. These things are what motivates Leif Burman, second recipient of Ingemars Lärarpris, an award for excellence in teaching.

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