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Johanna Mufic


PhD in Educational Research: Adult Learning. I am interested in how quality is
construed in adult education.

How is quality construed in adult education?

The question of how quality is construed in adult education is studied in my dissertation, which includes the Swedish Schools Inspectorate's quality audits, adult education policy and the thoughts and opinions of heads of education, principals, teachers and study and career counsellors about quality in adult education.

The increasing demand for quality controls, inspections, evaluations and follow-ups in education has become a global phenomenon. In addition, the need and demand for higher quality education also seem to continue to grow. Especially in Swedish adult education, which has often been criticized for poor quality. However, it is not always clear how educational quality is shaped, as the concept is described in different ways in different contexts and sometimes not defined at all. On the one hand, the concept is loaded with so many positive connotations that it becomes something that is taken for granted as "good" and therefore not questioned. On the other hand, critical voices argue that all controls, audits and inspections aimed at improving, maintaining and increasing quality may not be as effective and undisputed as they seem. In relation to this, the question of how quality is construed in adult education becomes interesting, as it affects how it is translated into both policy and practice.



  • PhD in Educational Research with a focus on Adult Learning, 2022
  • Degree of Master of Arts (Swedish/history/pedagogy) in Upper Secondary Education, 2020
  • Masters of Educational Science (pedagogy), Lund University, Sweden, 2017
  • Bachelor of Educational Science (Pedagogy, Ume University, Sweden, 2015


  • Present, Editorial assistant, European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of
    Adults (RELA), 2018-2022
  • Organiser of Institution of behavioural science and learning's PhD-council, 2019 -2022
  • PhD-student representative on FUN, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, 2018-2022



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Johanna Mufic (2024) Reflections on how to use the WPR approach in a PhD thesis Problemets politik: En forskningsbaseret antologi om Carol Bacchis  poststrukturalistiske policy- og interviewanalyse  i pædagogik og uddannelse, p. 112-133


Johanna Mufic, Per Andersson (2023) Studieförbundens deltagare med funktionsnedsättning
Johanna Mufic (2023) How the concept of the "chain of command" is construed through problematizations in Swedish adult education policy International Journal of Leadership in Education Continue to DOI
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