Photo of Johan Vogt Duberg

Johan Vogt Duberg

PhD student

To achieve a widespread adoption of remanufacturing in society, it is important for companies to understand what makes remanufacturing profitable. My research focuses on how profitability of remanufacturing can be evaluated in its initiation stage.

Remanufacturing – An entrance to a circular economy

Remanufacturing can offer both economic and environmental benefits by retaining the material and energy value of used, discarded, or broken products, compared to the manufacturing of new ones. The process involves restoring these products to like-new condition using industrial processes, providing them with a new and extended lifespan instead of discarding them.

For companies to benefit from remanufacturing, it is essential to disseminate knowledge about the process. This can lead to clear evidence of the benefits of remanufacturing, motivating companies to take the first step towards initiation. Furthermore, it is vital to develop models or other approaches to help companies assess the value of remanufacturing for their business.

My research supports companies in the transition towards more circular processes and the initiation of remanufacturing by applying and developing financial assessment models.



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