Products Services and Innovation (PSI)

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The Products Services and Innovation (PSI) unit is a research group that are leading experts in applied and transdisciplinary research on sustainable value creation based on a system perspective that enables effective and efficient use and preservation of resources. The research focus is Sustainable manufacturing and Integrated Product Service Offerings.

Our vision is a society where scientific evidence-based solutions contribute to a sustainable and prosperous world. The research is applied and we retain strong collaborative relationships with the surrounding society, especially with industry partners. Together we develop new knowledge that is tested and evaluated and later diffused back to our partners.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote and perform world-leading scientific research to co-create, apply and disseminate knowledge that leads to societal transition towards a sustainable and prosperous world.
  • Focus on development of life cycle-based effective and efficient solutions from environmental and economic perspectives.
  • Be a first-choice partner by society, industry, and academia.
  • Be a generator of top-of-the-line graduate students.

    The overall approach is:

  • Research – Co-create, apply, and disseminate world leading scientific knowledge relevant to societal challenges.
  • Education – Provide opportunities to learn state-of-the-art scientific and practical knowledge.
  • Outreach – Provide strategic and operational scientific based support to policies and development of sustainable solutions.


Research areas

Selection of ongoing and completed projects

A storage for remanufactured items such as furniture, tv, kids bicycle.


The project will support B2C manufacturers in the transition towards remanufacturing by developing and improving manufacturers' remanufacturing ecosystems as well as investigating the remanufacturing potential of consumer products.

Many forklifts.

Remanufacturing – key enabler to future business

The overall purpose for the project is to support manufacturers to become more resilient, circular and sustainable through remanufacturing and contribute to a more efficient use of resources.

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Mistra REES

Mistra REES – Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions based on a circular economy thinking is a research program run by a consortium of leading Swedish universities, large and small companies etc.

Mistra REES
electronics equipment assembly workplace with pliers and necessary tools


We help manufacturers and other actors to start remanufacturing by investigating their suitability and readiness to start remanufacturing.

Adapt 2030

The project will develop a method and two demonstrators as “proof of concept” showing the process and value of lifecycle digitalization, by applying AI techniques to data for reducing deviations.

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Circularis is a project that aims to develop innovative support for Swedish manufacturers who want increased resource efficiency and sustainability in their products and services.


The CarE-Service project aims at demonstrating Innovative Circular Economy Business Models based on advanced mobility services exploiting hybrid and electric vehicles.

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To create an inventory of AI techniques for maintenance services, apply AI techniques to three industrial cases, and evaluate their economic and environmental implications.

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The project aims to demonstrate how an ecosystem of circular value chains can be realized, in combination with a business logic for sustainable reuse of automotive components over multiple product life cycles.

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