Products Services and Innovation (PSI)

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The Products Services and Innovation (PSI) unit is a research group that are leading experts in applied and transdisciplinary research on sustainable value creation based on a system perspective that enables effective and efficient use and preservation of resources. The research focus is Sustainable manufacturing and Integrated Product Service Offerings.

Our vision is a society where scientific evidence-based solutions contribute to a sustainable and prosperous world. The research is applied and we retain strong collaborative relationships with the surrounding society, especially with industry partners. Together we develop new knowledge that is tested and evaluated and later diffused back to our partners.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote and perform world-leading scientific research to co-create, apply and disseminate knowledge that leads to societal transition towards a sustainable and prosperous world.
  • Focus on development of life cycle-based effective and efficient solutions from environmental and economic perspectives.
  • Be a first-choice partner by society, industry, and academia.
  • Be a generator of top-of-the-line graduate students.

    The overall approach is:

  • Research – Co-create, apply, and disseminate world leading scientific knowledge relevant to societal challenges.
  • Education – Provide opportunities to learn state-of-the-art scientific and practical knowledge.
  • Outreach – Provide strategic and operational scientific based support to policies and development of sustainable solutions.


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