Remanufacturing – key enabler to future business (REMARKABLE)

Many forklifts.

The project aims at, in co-production with the participating companies, develop knowledge and skills in order to facilitate the companies in the transitions towards a more circular business by including remanufacturing.

Today we need more resilient and sustainable value networks to reduce uncertainties and risks in the supply of components and materials. Circular production systems with remanufacturing will become a prerequisite to supply the future sustainable society with products.

The companies that are participating in this research have a need to develop their circular activities and want to have research support to develop their business models, information management and product designs to better facilitate remanufacturing.

The research deals with finding new business partners in the value networks and to be able to collect data about the used products that are to be remanufactured and to take the right decisions during the product life cycles.

After finishing the project, the participating companies will have more sustainable, circular, effective, and resilient business models and processes with a higher environmental performance.

Purpose with this project

The goal of the project

The overall purpose for the project is to support manufacturers to become more resilient, circular and sustainable through remanufacturing and contribute to a more efficient use of resources. In more detail the participants of the project will study:

  • How should business models be designed to realize remanufacturing in an efficient and profitable manner for all partner in the value network?
  • How can efficient remanufacturing be supported by right information at the right time before, during and after the remanufacturing?
  • How can a product be prepared and designed for efficient remanufacturing processes to be able to contribute to high quality in the next usage?

Are you our new partner?

Linköping University is now looking for more manufacturers to collaborate with on the subject. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Project duration and Participants in this project


The project is a collaboration between three research partners and six manufacturing companies.

Research partners

  • Linköping University
  • Jönköping University
  • RISE Research Institutes of Swede


  • Grundfos
  • Toyota Material Handling Sweden
  • Elektrotermo
  • ETAC
  • UBD Cleantech
  • Svero Lifting


Project duration

The project runs from August 15, 2022 - August 15, 2025.


The project is financed via RE:Source with support from Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency and Vinnova.

A group photo of people in the project.


At the beginning of September, project participants met for the first time to start the project.

Researchers in this project