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Julia Velkova

Associate Professor, Docent

I am an associate professor (docent) of media and communication studies. My research explores the cultural practices and socio-material relations that emerge when media infrastructures are being built, maintained, bundled, or dismantled.


I am interested in questions that concern the materialities of digital media and related to them socio-political and cultural practices. I study the politics of emergence and dismantling of media infrastructures such as data centers, software or larger communication networks; as well as how these entities intersect with and relate to other infrastructures such as energy grids, military shelters and others.

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My research revolves around digital infrastructures, and questions of temporality and politics of value. I have explored these major themes with empirical objects ranging from computer-graphics software, search algorithms and social media, to data centres. In my most recent work I have focused on the converging relations between data and energy infrastructures, but I have done detours to think and write about agency in relation to algorithms, metric cultures in the digital everyday life, as well as infrastructural work in data centres. I have a growing interested in digital ruins, and practices of infrastructural dismantling.

Research Projects



Julia Velkova (2023) Retrofitting and ruining: Bunkered data centers in and out of time New Media and Society, Vol. 25, p. 431-448 Continue to DOI
Julia Velkova, Jean-Christophe Plantin (2023) Data centers and the infrastructural temporalities of digital media: An introduction New Media and Society, Vol. 25, p. 273-286 Continue to DOI
Vicki Mayer, Julia Velkova (2023) This site is a dead end? Employment uncertainties and labor in data centers The Information Society Continue to DOI
Nathalie Ortar, A.R.E. Taylor, Julia Velkova, Patrick Brodie, Alix Johnson, Clément Marquet, Andrea Pollio, Liza Cirolia (2023) Powering 'smart' futures: data centres and the energy politics of digitalisation Energy Futures: Anthropocene Challenges, Emerging Technologies and Everyday Life, p. 125-168 Continue to DOI


Julia Velkova, Dick Magnusson, Harald Rohracher (2022) Smart Thermostats and the Algorithmic Control of Thermal Comfort Everyday Automation: Experiencing and Anticipating Emerging Technologies, p. 171-183


CV in short

  • 2021
    Docent (associate professor) of media and communication studies, Linköping University
  • 2018
    PhD in Media and Communication Studies, Södertörn University, Sweden
  • 2011
    MA in Communication for Development, Malmö University, Sweden
  • 2007
    MPhil in Eastern Philosophy and Culture, University of Sofia, Bulgaria 
  • 2005
    BSc in Communication Technology and Engineering, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria


  • Planning for a Sustainable Information Society
  • Special Readings in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning
  • Research skills in environmental science
  • Bachelor's programme in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Master in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning
  • Strategic Urban and Regional Planning, Master's Programme