Photo of Kalle Torvaldsson

Kalle Torvaldsson

PhD student



Hanna Lindblom, Sofi Sonesson, Kalle Torvaldsson, Markus Waldén, Martin Hägglund (2023) Extended Knee Control programme lowers weekly hamstring, knee and ankle injury prevalence compared with an adductor strength programme or self-selected injury prevention exercises in adolescent and adult amateur football players: a two-armed cluster-randomised trial with an additional comparison arm British Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol. 57, p. 83-90 Continue to DOI
Kalle Torvaldsson, Hanna Lindblom, Sofi Sonesson, Eric Hamrin Senorski, Helena Stigson, Lykke Tamm, Jorgen Sandberg, Martin Hägglund (2023) Swedish Olympic athletes report one injury insurance claim every second year: a 22-year insurance registry-based cohort study Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, Vol. 31, p. 4607-4617 Continue to DOI


Sofi Sonesson, Martin Hägglund, Joanna Kvist, Kalle Torvaldsson, Hanna Lindblom, Anne Fältström (2022) Neuromuscular control and hop performance in youth and adult male and female football players Physical Therapy in Sport, Vol. 55, p. 189-195 Continue to DOI