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Karin Edberg

Assistant Professor

My research concerns different social aspects of energy transition, mobility and infrastructural siting. In focus is how and why everyday practices emerge, change and stabilize, just as the relationship between practice and policy.

Energy systems and everyday practices in transition

Climate change and the quest for a sustainable society are high on the political agenda today. In my research, I am interested in such issues in relation to our everyday practices and the power structures that the transition involves, but also in relation to the memories that remain when an industrial activity ceases.

My research interests include different social aspects of sustainability, energy transition, energy consumption and mobility, as well as siting and decommissioning of energy infrastructure. Processes of change and experiences of these are central. In focus is also the relationship between practices and policies, with a particular focus on class and power dimensions and the understanding of practices as static/dynamic.

At the moment, my research is more concretely about, on the one hand, mobility beyond the car with a focus on how everyday mobility is changing (or not changing) and what role municipal planning adopt in the transition. On the other hand, my research is about cultural heritage processes in relation to nuclear power.

I have a PhD in sociology (Södertörn University 2018). In my thesis, entitled " A Changing Energy Landscape: Framing Controversial Siting on Northern Gotland", I analyse how the global energy dilemma - to satisfy an increasing energy demand without jeopardizing the future of the earth - becomes concrete and place-bound through the physical location of energy infrastructure. The analysis includes how actors combine landscape framings and place-related practices with place-independent framings of specific types of energy.
My previous workplaces include Uppsala University (dept. of Earth Sciences, section for Wind Energy) and Örebro University (School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Environmental Sociology). I work as Research Fellow at Tema T, Linköping University, since 2020.



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Course responsible

I teach at the Bachelor’s programme in urban and regional planning just as at the Master’s programme in Strategic Urban and Regional Planning. Within those programmes, I am course responsible for Projectwork (709G15), Intership (709A12, 709A13) and Special readings in Strategic urban and regional planning” (709A11). I am also involved in career portfolios for master students.