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Today’s students can end up as tomorrow’s researchers, and today’s researchers must take active part in teaching, so the students have access to the best knowledge, which should be used for the benefit of society. Graduates who go out into the workplace make a huge contribution to society’s continued advancement. Knowledge is power and the university’s role is to assist students as they develop into independent, critically thinking individuals.

I came to Linköping University in the spring of 1971, when I was started the fifth semester of my studies in medicine. I later completed my degree in medicine, specialist training and a doctoral degree – all at Linköping University. I have shifted between roles as a paediatrician, allergology researcher and teacher in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, to management duties as clinic director and centre director.






  • Licensed doctor 1974, specialist paediatrics 1982, paediatric allergist 1994 (Sweden), 2010 (EU).
  • Clinic director, Paediatric Clinic, Linköping University Hospital 1996-2002, Centre director 2002-2004.
  • MD 1987, reader 1990, senior lecturer 2004, professor of paediatrics 2005.
  • Supervision of 12 doctoral students, as head or assistant supervisor.
  • Main applicant, research funding from Vårdal, VR, FORMAS, FORSS, Swedish Asthma and Allergy Society, Swedish Coeliac Society and ALF/Lua.
  • Deputy vice-chancellor at Linköping University since 1 October 2009-2017