University Management (ULED)

The vice-chancellor and the University Management lead operations at Linköping University.

The vice-chancellor is the university’s top executive official, appointed by the government to lead operations at LiU. Helen Dannetun, professor of physics, has been vice-chancellor of Linköping University since 2011.
The University Management also includes deputy vice-chancellors of education (Karin Fälth-Magnusson and Roger Klinth), research (Folke Sjöberg) and external relations (Peter Värbrand). Deputy vice-chancellors of the type known as “prorektor” in Swedish, who must be professors, are appointed by the University Board, while deputy vice-chancellors of the type known as “vicerektor” in Swedish are appointed by the vice-chancellor. The current deputy vice-chancellor (prorektor) for research, Folke Sjöberg, deputises for the vice-chancellor when necessary. In practice, the two types of deputy vice-chancellor (“prorektor” and “vicerektor”) play similar roles: it is their responsibility to act on behalf of the vice-chancellor in various situations. The university director (Kent Waltersson), whose responsibilities include staff and administration, is also part of the management.

University Management

Vice-chancellor's secretary

University Board at LiU

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