University Management (ULED)

The vice-chancellor and the University Management lead operations at Linköping University.

The vice-chancellor is appointed by the Swedish government to lead LiU. The university has one deputy vice-chancellor appointed by the university board, who can substitute for the vice-chancellor when required, and other deputy vice-chancellors appointed by the vice-chancellor. The role of the latter is to replace the vice-chancellor in various contexts. The university management includes also the university director and deputy university director, who is responsible for University Services.
Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, professor of medical cell biology, was appointed vice-chancellor for Linköping University on 1 July 2020. Karin Axelsson, professor in information systems, was appointed deputy vice-chancellor responsible for education on 1 January 2022. Per-Olof Brehmer is deputy vice-chancellor for collaboration and campus development, while Matts Karlsson is deputy vice-chancellor for research.

Photo credit Thor Balkhed

University Management

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