Photo of Katja Anióse

Katja Anióse

PhD student

A new perspective in hearing science<br>

A mapping of the communication partner's experiences living with a partner with impaired hearing and its impact on communication, social activity and health from a bipsychosocial perspective.     

My project is a journey into a new research area that deals with older people who live in a relationship with a hard-of-hearing partner. What happens in a relationship when there are changes caused by hearing impairment and where everyday situations that used to work no longer do? The project aims to show how communication, social activities and health are affected. How does the communication partner experience the changes in these areas due to the partner's impaired hearing?

After several years in hearing healthcare, I now bring my experiences into the research arena, including the communication partner who plays an important and sometimes decisive role in hearing rehabilitation. Maintaining good hearing is not just enabling physical hearing; it creates the conditions for continued meaningful communication and joy in life.

Join me on this journey, where I investigate the importance of hearing from a new perspective. The knowledge from the research will contribute to an increased understanding of hearing impairment and its effects on relatives. It is work that can hopefully affect everyday life and, thus, the quality of life for those affected and, by extension, the efficiency of hearing rehabilitation.