Photo of Kenna Sim-Sarka

Kenna Sim-Sarka

PhD student

My research explores the connections between the climate crisis and colonial power structures in the contexts of climate-related displacement, extractionism, and Indigenous communities.

PhD Project

Working Title: Movement is Foundational: Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Mobilities

Focusing on Indigenous communities in Canada and Sweden, I critically examine how colonial power structures are embedded in climate politics, particularly in the context of climate-related displacement due to wildfires and extractionism. My study aims to unpack how colonial hauntings manifest themselves in climate adaptation policies and state responses to climate emergencies, as well as struggles for the incorporation of decolonial perspectives and Indigenous knowledges in responses to climate change in settler colonial contexts. Theoretically I draw on perspectives from Indigenous methodologies, the decolonial option, racial capitalism, migration studies, and political ecology.  

Research Environment