Photo of Kenny Skagerlund

Kenny Skagerlund

Senior Associate Professor, Head of Division




Kenny Skagerlund, Mikael Skagenholt, Ulf Träff (2024) Mathematics anxiety and number processing: The link between executive functions, cardinality, and ordinality Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Continue to DOI


Ulf Träff, Kenny Skagerlund, Rickard Östergren, Mikael Skagenholt (2023) The importance of domain-specific number abilities and domain-general cognitive abilities for early arithmetic achievement and development British Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol. 93, p. 825-841 Continue to DOI
Mikael Skagenholt, Ian M. Lyons, Kenny Skagerlund, Ulf Träff (2023) Connectome-based predictive modeling indicates dissociable neurocognitive mechanisms for numerical order and magnitude processing in children Neuropsychologia, Vol. 184, Article 108563 Continue to DOI


Mikael Skagenholt, Kenny Skagerlund, Ulf Andersson (2022) Neurodevelopmental differences in task-evoked number network connectivity: Comparing symbolic and nonsymbolic number discrimination in children and adults Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Vol. 58, Article 101159 Continue to DOI