I am employed at ITN as a research engineer working in the clean room lab at Täppan building. That is just a title, my real job is to solve problems, keep equipment working, improve safety and give technical support to lab users.

I belong to the Lab of Organic Electronics group, LOE, but as technically responsible for the clean room laboratory  at Täppan building I work with all people and groups that are involved in the lab, both LiU groups, foreign visitors and external corporations.

Två bägare i dragskåpPhoto credit: Thor BalkhedBeing part of this organization means that I have a constant flow of new people from different parts of the world which have really widened my knowledge about people and countries.

Since I am the one introducing the new ones to the lab I also have to introduce them to the way we work here. I usually tell them that we only have one type of scientists here, not Swedish or foreign, not young or old, not fresh or experienced and not male or female.

I also present them to the Swedish legislation about discrimination. It seems to work, for what I can tell it is a good mood in the lab, laughter and some jokes are common.

Also the scientists have a great part in keeping the lab running smoothly since the staff is small and they are helpful in introducing newcomers to equipment and routines. Without their help and support it would be impossible for me to do my work

Rosor på bord i laboratoriumPhoto credit: Thor BalkhedI have no background in science and research, born in 1961 I started many years ago as an electrician but have worked as a contractor in automation, electronics, HVAC, energy preservations, consulting and clean room construction.  

I have been involved in building and supporting several labs and was 2001 employed by Acreo who was responsible for the Täppan lab.

At 2007 I had to leave Acreo but was re-employed by LiU 2010 as they were taking over the clean room from Acreo. So, new title but same workplace. My broad background is helpful when repairing machines or installing new equipment but I really wish I would understand more about the ongoing research.

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