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Lasse Kvarnström

The main focus in my research lies within identities and gender. The research is in the fields of working relations, housekeeping and buildings, cultural heritage and tourism. What impact has identities and/or gender on the historical process?


I am also part in writing academic textbooks, on Swedish history, on Tourism and on the use of social groups in understanding historical process.    

The modern period (19th and 20th century) is my main educational field, and tutoring student essays.



Susanna Hedenborg, Lasse Kvarnström (2023) Det svenska samhället 1720-2022 - Böndernas och arbetarnas tid


Susanna Hedenborg, Lasse Kvarnström (2019) Det svenska samhället 1720-2018: böndernas och arbetarnas tid


Lasse Kvarnström (2018) Turism, professionalisering och identitet - guide-föreningarnas rol Turismhistoria i norde, p. 123-132
Thomas Lindkvist, Maria Sjöberg, Susanna Hedenborg, Lasse Kvarnström (2018) A concise history of Sweden from the viking age to the present


David Ludvigsson, Bodil Axelsson, Lasse Kvarnström (2016) Guiderna och kulturarvssektorn

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