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Laura Fürsich

I study the link between social network ties and ethnic residential segregation.

Housing and ethnic segregation


In my dissertation, I focus on ethnic residential segregation, built environment, and dynamics of social influence. I consider the complex relationships between institutional frameworks and network influences in residential and social space. Methodologically, I develop new ways to exploit the depth of register data by developing causal identifications strategies and enriching administrative register data with open source data such as open street map data.

Network ties and segregation

My research primarily concerns the link between social network ties and segregation. In particular, I investigate how the urban environment shapes the formation of network ties and how the emerging spatial distribution of network ties matters for patterns and perpatuation of residential segregation. In my projects, I use population

level Swedish micro-data and apply a mix of advanced matching algorithms, discrete choice models, agent-based models, and counterfactual simulations.

Academic background

I have a background in economics and sociology from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. During my studies, I focused largely on social stratification and the labour market. Before starting my dissertation at IAS, I have held positions at the WZB in Berlin and UC3JM in Madrid working on the design of field experiments to study social stratification in schools.

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