Housing and ethnic segregation

Market and non-market housing allocation mechanisms

With my research, I try to understand mechanisms contributing, reinforcing, and maintaining residential spatial segregation. Currently I am involved in a project that investigates the distribution of different types of housing and how that connects to ethnic segregation. I especially focus on the role of housing policies, like the queue system for public housing, and their impact on people’s choices and restrictions on the housing market. In understanding individual choices, we aim to gain insights into the dynamic formation of macro level patterns of segregation.

Network ties and segregation

With my dissertation I also focus on the understanding of how ties to friends and family members define a person’s residential choice behavior, how these dynamic processes contribute to segregation, and are embedded in a spatial context. Of special interest for me is to understand how network diversity affects mobility decisions and how kin- and friendship ties counteract and strengthen each other, reinforcing inter-generational patters of segregation.

Academic background

I received my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Socio Economics from the University Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany. For my master’s thesis I already worked with Swedish register data on institutionalization of occupations and resulting inequality applying methods of multidimensional scaling and generalized quantile regressions. Prior to my PhD education at IAS, I have worked at the WZB in Berlin and UC3JM in Madrid.