Administrator at the Institute of Analytic Sociology

I work as administrator at the Institute of Analytical Sociology (IAS). I am responsible for the day-to-day administrative operation of the institute.

This includes, among other things, purchases in Raindance, invoice handling and travel bookings.

In my work, I have a lot of contact with guests from all over the world who are visiting the institute. I also function as support to the institute's management, especially to the director and department manager Peter Hedström, and to the entire international research group at IAS. I also work close together with the coordinator of the institute, Åsa Wallhagen.

In addition to working as an administrator at IAS, I work as a program administrator for the international Master's program in Computational Social Science (CSS). The program attracts students from all over the world. In this work, I support students and staff with service and information about, for example, the learning platform Lisam. I work in close collaboration with study counselors, the program director and the study director.

I also work as an administrator and secretary for NSS, the Committee for School Cooperation. NSS's main task is, in collaboration with schools, to stimulate interest for science, technology, mathematics and computer science.

My work is within the Institute of Analytic Sociology

Unit for Education and Research at IEI