Administrative and academic support (VS)

Administrative and academic support at the Department of Management and Engineering provides professional and efficient administrative and technical support to staff and students.

We strive to create a workplace that supports research and education, and that helps create an attractive academic environment. 

We aim to establish a positive work environment that encourages dedication and commitment among the co-workers in the division.

Visit our employee pages to read more about our work and mission. We have divided the central administration at the department into different functions.

Communication officers and study advisors have an organisational affiliation other than IEI, but their assignments are linked to our department.

Archiving and registry

Financial services

Research and research education

HR services

Infrastructure and premises

Communication services

Study advisors

Technology and workshops

Administrative support for education and research

All staff at the division

From IEI-Nytt

Johanna Hagander
Johanna Hagander in the metal workshop.  Per Johansson

What's it like – the only woman among male colleagues in the workshop?

– I’ve worked in workshops for many years and it’s never been an issue for me that most welders are men. Actually, I tend to forget that I’m the only woman. But I do notice that many people are impressed by my choice of career, even though I don’t think about it. I have never felt that I’ve been the subject of unfair treatment in any way. On the contrary, I tend to receive praise and appreciation.

Extract from an article about Johanna Hagander in IEI-Nytt (a newsletter for co-workers at IEI),

12 November 2020.