My research area is within the field of high performance wireless-technology. More specific the key focus is on various parts close to the antenna(s) in a radio front-end. Except for the antenna(s) itself it can be multiplexing solutions, i.e., one wideband antenna connected to several frequency-divided channels.

The frequency-divided channels can be different services or a high performance system that needs parallel data processing to achieve the required processing speed. In a similar way, a system with multiple antennas can be connected to a single front-end. The reasons for the later can be several; high speed data, improved link stability, or a combination of both.

On the one hand, antennas are used to generate electromagnetic waves, on the other hand electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is all about to control the electronic equipment against unwanted emissions. With a good EMC knowledge, the electronic circuits and systems can be designed to meet the necessary product requirements.




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Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Electronics Design Engineering.
Degree 2002 from Linköping University/ Campus Norrköping.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the subject area of Communication Electronics.
Degree 2008 from Linköping University/ Campus Norrköping.