Communication electronics

Electronics in the foreground of an aerial picture of industrilandskapet in Norrköping
Thor Balkhed

Our goal is to be world-leading in the following areas:

  • Modular solutions with low power consumption for wireless sensor networks. 
  • Wireless data transmission with focus on high data rate but at low cost.
  • Antenna and radio frequency (RF) design for broadband and multi-band communication systems.


Our research in Communication Electronics has the purpose to invent technical solutions for future wireless systems of high frequency and high data rate, while reducing power consumption and cost. We wish that our research results would contribute to the social development of a green world in the future, e.g., Smart Cities utilizing extensively wireless and digital technologies.


Our teaching in Wireless Systems has the purpose to inspire undergraduate and postgraduate students with state-of-the-art knowledge of modern communication technologies. After learning our well-planned courses, you will be powered with the required knowledge for developing of wireless communication systems.

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Wireless Systems profile

We are responsible for the Wireless Systems profile within the Electronic Design (ED) program. Our goal is to inspire students with the state-of-the-art of wireless communication electronics. 

After learning the courses in this profile, you will be powered with knowledge of radio frequency (RF) and microwave circuit design, antenna theory and design, digital communication electronics, and wireless sensor networks, etc. 

We are also highly engaged in the entire ED program giving modern courses from the first to the last year. Much of the knowledge is directly related to our research activities in the Communication Electronics research group. Some given courses are listed below. 

  • Digital Communication Electronics, TNE064
  • Analog/Digital System Design, TNE026
  • RF Circuit Design, TNE088
  • RF System Design, TNE062
  • Wireless Sensor Networks, TNE090
  • Microwave Engineering, TNE071
  • EMC and PCB Design, TNE 089
  • Antenna Theory and Engineering, TNE083

Research leader




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