Photo of Malin Wiger

Malin Wiger

Associate Professor



Jason Martin, Andreas Wallo, Ida Gremyr, Malin Wiger, Ewa Braf, Ulf Melin, Mattias Elg (2023) Närhet på distans: En guide för ledarskap på distans med stöd av digitala arbetssätt


Malin Wiger, Magdalena Smeds (2022) Mismatch between goals and means: Why some attempts to shorten waiting times and queues lead to undesirable outcomes Brilliance in resilience: Operations and supply chain management’s role in achieving a sustainable future
Björn Oskarsson, Malin Wiger (2022) Knowing About and Knowing How: A Logistics Skill Set for Curricular Development NOFOMA Conference 2022: Climate Change Adaption in Maritime Logistics
Malin Wiger, Henrik Gillström, Uni Sallnäs (2022) Challenges and opportunities when integrating videos in course design Proceedings of the International CDIO Conference


Bonnie Poksinska, Malin Wiger, Magdalena Smeds (2019) The pros and cons of cancer care pathways from the health care professionals' perspective Operations adding value to society