Logistics and Quality Management (LOGQ)

Logistics and Quality Management is a division of the Department of economic and industrial development. Logistics and quality are two areas that often go hand in hand and that increases in importance as demands for efficient processes in business and society increases.

To avoid waste and use resources in a cost effective and sustainable way and to deliver high customer value in the form of the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost is becoming increasingly important for most organisations and applies to both industrial companies, service industries and in the healthcare and public sector. Therefore, we at Linköping University merged two previous divisions into a new one, Logistics and Quality Management, so that we can best meet the increasingly and tough challenges for business and society today and in the future.

The cornerstones of the new division is a research and education of the highest international standard, which marks our business economic base with elements of strategy and organisation theory but with a clear positioning towards logistics and quality. That makes us unique among engineering schools. At the same time, we are building our research and education on an engineer scientific basis - which makes us unique in relation to business schools.


Our teaching is based on the highly topical and interesting research with new perspectives and interesting system analyses carried out in close cooperation with society and business. The students are our greatest ambassadors to bring this knowledge. When you come into work you will reach a large number of companies in which you are actively contributing to more efficient, sustainable and therefore more competitive businesses and operations. It is our task to prepare you in the best way with the latest knowledge in our field and the skills you need to be involved in developing the organisations of the future.


The research at the division is conducted on the basis of identified societal challenges. This means that our research is applied and takes place in close collaboration with our stakeholders. We focus our research on three thematic areas:

  • Competitive and dynamic business
  • Logistics- & quality management in healthcare
  • Climate-smart transport systems

Some keywords describing our focus is Sustainable Competitiveness, Innovation, Quality and Logistics thinking, Systems Approach, Actors and Dynamics. We strive to achieve high excellence through publications in internationally recognized journals. This work is increasingly important for us. At the same time, we want to achieve high impact in the business world through our efforts. Utilisation of research-based knowledge is a key part of our research projects.