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Margareta Bachrack Lindström

An important driver for me, as deputy vice-chancellor, is to foster pedagogical development. My teaching and research in the field of medicine are largely related to diet and quality of life.

Fostering pedagogical development

As deputy vice-chancellor I have strategic responsibility for advancing the quality, relevance and attractiveness of the education at Linköping University.

Another important part of my job is pedagogical development within the framework of the project “The Pedagogical Leap”. Here, e-learning and innovative learning environments are some of the focus areas. The role of deputy vice-chancellor also includes being chair of the board of the University Library, the pedagogical centre Didacticum and the Disciplinary Board.

I have previously been pro-dean for education at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and director of Didacticum.

Tasks, teaching and research


My research concerns issues relating to quality of life, with special focus on lifestyle-related matters such as diet and exercise in various contexts.

Research topics have included attitudes of healthcare staff to elderly people’s diet and nutritional status, as well as the quality of life of hip fracture patients. I also have an ongoing collaboration with a research team that is studying musculoskeletal and connective tissue problems among people with type 1 diabetes compared to the general population, in relation to factors such as quality of life.

Pedagogy in patient education and undergraduate education are things I am passionate about, and have been an important part of my work.

Tasks and networks

  • I was pro-dean for education at LiU’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences from 2016 to 2019. This role included chairing the Education Board, the advisory council for medical expertise, the council for education in the workplace and Clinicum’s board, as well being a member of the faculty board, the library council, Didacticum’s board, the university healthcare council, and the Education Council.
  • From 2014 to 2016 I was director of Didacticum, the university’s pedagogical centre.
  • I take part in the network for medical pedagogy and problem-based learning.
  • I have been a pedagogy mentor since 2005.

Teaching and supervision

I have taught in the nursing and the specialist nursing programs, and have been examiner in nursing science. I have also taught in the first inter-professional course that is common to all students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

I also have experience of teaching in the university pedagogy courses at Didacticum.
In particular I have supervised degree projects in orthopedics, lifestyle matters relating to diabetes and overweight, and healthcare in the event of failing functions in various contexts.

I have supervised five doctoral students to completion and currently have one supervision in the topic of orthopedic surgery.



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