Photo of Martin Björklund

Martin Björklund

PhD student

I am a PhD candidate in political science. My research is focused on the policy process, advocacy, lobbyism and policymaking.

EU policy process, with focus on the politics for resource- and energy efficiency in buildings

Martin Björklund´s thesis is part of a project on the policy process in the EU with a focus on policy for energy- and resources efficiency in buildings.

Martin Björklund is part of a research project with the aim of increasing the knowledge on the policy process in the EU, with a special focus on the politics for resource- and energy efficiency in buildings. Through analysis of policy documents and answers to public consultations in combination with other methods of gathering the perspectives of stakeholders in different stages of the process. Better understanding of how EU-policy is made could help inform politicians and stakeholders in the member states how to effectively influence EU politics but could also say something about the legitimacy of the political process in the EU. Part of the project is to examine the sources of information used when policy is designed and adopted, since it is an important aspect of the decision-making process.