Photo of Mark E Dieckmann

Mark E Dieckmann

Associate Professor, Docent





Mark Eric Dieckmann, Cesar Huete, Francisco Cobos Campos, Antoine Claude Bret, Doris Folini, Bengt Erik Eliasson, Rolf Walder (2023) PIC simulations of stable surface waves on a subcritical fast magnetosonic shock front Physica Scripta, Vol. 98, Article 095603 Continue to DOI
Mark E Dieckmann, D. Folini, Martin Falk, Alexander Bock, Peter Steneteg, R. Walder (2023) Three-dimensional structure and stability of discontinuities between unmagnetized pair plasma and magnetized electron-proton plasma New Journal of Physics, Vol. 25, Article 063017 Continue to DOI


Mark Eric Dieckmann, Doris Folini, Rolf Walder, Arthur Charlet, Alexandre Marcowith (2022) Two-dimensional particle simulation of the boundary between a hot pair plasma and magnetized electrons and protons: Out-of-plane magnetic field Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 29, Article 092103 Continue to DOI
Arthur Charlet, Rolf Walder, Alexandre Marcowith, Doris Folini, J. M. Favre, Mark Eric Dieckmann (2022) Effects of radiative losses on the relativistic jets of high-mass microquasars Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 658, Article A100 Continue to DOI


Mark E Dieckmann, Selina-Jane Spencer, Martin Falk, George Rowlands (2020) Preferential acceleration of positrons by a filamentation instability between an electron-proton beam and a pair plasma beam Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 27, Article 122102 Continue to DOI