Photo of Maria Engelmark

Maria Engelmark

Director of International Affairs, Head of Division

As director of international affairs at Linköping University, my job is to lead the university's internationalisation strategy.


I am responsible for leading and developing Linköping University's internationalisation efforts, based on our internationalisation strategy.

A key aspect of my role is to represent Linköping University in internationalisation-related matters in our dialogue and collaboration with other universities and government agencies, public and private organisations, regional stakeholders, and national and international networks. Together with my co-workers I provide strategic support in the university’s internationalisation efforts. Our duties include:

  • developing and coordinating the university’s work with strategically selected regions
  • coordinating our collaborations with international partner universities
  • developing new forms for the internationalisation of education, research and collaboration

Duties and networks

  • Member, internationalisation committee at the Association of Swedish Higher Education
  • Reference group for applicant communication at the Swedish Council for Higher Education
  • Universities’ network for strategic internationalisation
  • Regional network for directors of internationalisation

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