Logistics management and Purchasing organisations 

As an assistant lecturer I spend significant part of my time teaching. I am seminar leader and supervisor in many of the division's courses. To name a few - Basic Logistics, Supply Chain Logistics, Logistics Analysis, Logistics Project and Master theses. I also do guest appearances in, for example, the division's course within Purchasing. Purchasing is also connected to my research.

My research is within the area of hybrid purchasing organisations. In particular, I study the balance between the many advantages one can draw from a centralised purchasing structure and the benefits provided by having a decentralised structure. The research is conducted through case studies performed at large Swedish industrial companies.

Short summary

Academic merits

  • MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Linköping University, Sweden, 2011


  • 723G48 Logistik - Seminar leader
  • TETS27 Supply Chain Logistics - Seminar leader
  • TETS37 Grundläggande logistik - Examiner, lecturer, seminar leader
  • TETS38 Logistikprojekt – Communication officer and supervisor
  • TQIE xx Master thesis - Supervisor
  • TETS44 Logistics and Quality Development - Seminar leader
  • TETS57 Logistics Analysis - Course director, lecturer, seminar leader