Sustainable energy systems in corporate and households settings

Dr. Eidenskogs research focus on how energy issues are handled in two different projects, both in the construction process of rental housing, and in households that have invested in solar power. Her primary interest is to study, from a social science perspective, how energy issues are discussed, evaluated and practiced in these different areas.

Since the spring of 2015, Maria Eidenskog takes part in a project which study households that have chosen to invest in solar cells. The project investigate the driving forces to produce their own electricity and any behavioral changes in relation to electricity. Through interviews and time diaries, the reserachers follow how the residents with solar power live their lives through the energy consumption and production.

Energy modeling in the construction process and energy choices of tenants

Dr. Eidenskog also studies how energy is managed in the building process of rental buildings in the town district Vallastaden in Linköping, Sweden. She follows the process through observations and interviews to see what issues that are linked to energy, and how energy is valued in relation to other factors. More specifically, the focus is on energy modeling and calculations of energy in the planning stage in order to understand the challenges involved in building energy efficient rental houses. As a sub-project, the project also studies the choices tenants want to do when it comes to energy-efficient appliances.

Sustainable business

Maria Eidenskog thesis was completed in May 2015 and focused on sustainability efforts on a medium-sized company in Sweden. She studied how sustainability efforts was enacted in practice, how different versions of sustainability could sometimes clash and sometimes co-exist and how sustainability is sometimes invisible in relation to other values. Read more about the research through the link "Caring for Corporate Sustainability". 

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