Photo of Maria Persdotter

Maria Persdotter

Associate Professor

Senior lecturer at the Centre for Local Government Studies and the Division of Social Work. As a researcher, I focus mainly on issues at the intersection of migration- and social policy.  

The intersection of social policy and migration policy

My research mainly concerns the intersection of social policy and migration policy. I also have a keen interest in urban politics, and in feminist and critical race theory.

I am employed as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Culture and Society and split my time between the Centre for Local Government Studies and the Division of Social Work.

Currently, I am involved in a number of different research projects that all concerns inclusion and exclusion from the Swedish welfare state, homelessness and inequality.

My educational background is in human geography. I hold a double PhD degree in Urban studies from Malmö University (SE) and Roskilde University (DK). My PhD dissertation, Free to Move Along, was based on an in-depth qualitative study of the municipal-level governance of homeless Roma EU citizens during 2014-2016. The thesis is available here.


I teach in the undergraduate program in social work and supervise candidate and master students in social work. 




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