Photo of Mauricio Rogat

Mauricio Rogat


My research interests centre on migration governance, social inclusive/exclusive processes, digital infrastructures, and borders. Influenced by theoretical approaches from critical logistics and infrastructure studies, my research focuses on migration trajectories in relation to broader social and economic structures.

I am a social anthropologist, and currently, my work concerns questions regarding digital infrastructure, migration, and border practices. My current research attends to how the expansion of digital infrastructure in Europe relates to sovereignty and borders and animates socio-technical imaginaries and ideas of belonging. I am part of the research project “The social life of XG: digital infrastructures and the re-configuration of sovereignty and imagined communities.”

My dissertation deals with logistics rationality in migration management, dispersal policies, and housing in Sweden, with an ethnographic focus on Stockholm. I defended my dissertation at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, in 2022.

I am a teacher and supervisor on the Bachler programme Social and Cultural Analysis (SKA).