Mehdi Tarkian

Senior Lecturer

My passion is Design Automation. This can be done with KBE, Machine Learning or Optimization. The method is not as important as the results, which in turn is not as important as the goal - to increase intuition and decrease repetitions for engineers.

Automate the Repetitive

Both my research and teaching is centered around Design Automation. I have worked in the field since 2007.

I have an industrial background since 2012 when I founded the spin off company XperDi based on research results at the division. Since 2017 I'm back full time at LiU.

At present, I participate in three research projects where my part in the project is as follows:

  • AutoPack - Machine learning implemented for CAD
  • ADAPT - Design automation for production preparation
  • DeProtion - Design Automation for the construction sector


During my time at LiU, I have worked in all levels of the undergraduate education. My current courses as an examiner are:

  • TMKT79, Collaborative Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. The course has more than 60 participants and gained over 4.0 in course grades in 2017
  • TMKT57, Product Modeling. This Design Automation course has more than 140 participants and receives over 4.0 in course grades since 2008

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