Automate the Repetitive

Both my research and teaching is centered around Design Automation. I have worked in the field since 2007.

I have an industrial background since 2012 when I founded the spin off company XperDi based on research results at the division. Since 2017 I'm back full time at LiU.

At present, I participate in three research projects where my part in the project is as follows:

  • AutoPack - Machine learning implemented for CAD
  • ADAPT - Design automation for production preparation
  • DeProtion - Design Automation for the construction sector


During my time at LiU, I have worked in all levels of the undergraduate education. My current courses as an examiner are:

  • TMKT79, Collaborative Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. The course has more than 60 participants and gained over 4.0 in course grades in 2017
  • TMKT57, Product Modeling. This Design Automation course has more than 140 participants and receives over 4.0 in course grades since 2008

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