Photo of Mette Axelsson Bjerg

Mette Axelsson Bjerg

PhD student



Sepehr Shakeri Yekta, Tong Liu, Thuane Mendes Anacleto, Mette Axelsson Bjerg, Luka Safaric, Xavier Goux, Anna Karlsson, Annika Björn, Anna Schnurer (2021) Effluent solids recirculation to municipal sludge digesters enhances long-chain fatty acids degradation capacity Biotechnology for Biofuels, Vol. 14, Article 56 Continue to DOI


Sepehr Shakeri Yekta, Tong Liu, Mette Axelsson Bjerg, Luka Šafarič, Anna Karlsson, Annika Björn (Fredriksson), Anna Schnürer (2019) Sulfide level in municipal sludge digesters affects microbial community response to long-chain fatty acid loads Biotechnology for Biofuels, Vol. 12, Article 259 Continue to DOI