Materials science plays an important role in a sustainable society

When aiming for a sustainable usage of the resources of the world, materials science plays an important role since we not only have to find new materials but also use the already existing materials in a more efficient way. To work with materials science is very interesting since it is a broad area which includes topics as for example physics, chemistry and environment.

Teaching in materials science

Our undergraduate teaching mainly concerns the connection between the mechanical properties of a material and its inner structure. The fact that a steel is stronger compared to a plastic material is probably obvious for most of us, but why is it like that? To understand why different materials behave like they do is of great importance when aiming for usage of the full material potential.

I teach materials science on different engineering programmes and also supervise projects and thesis workers within the area.The engineering programmes I teach:

  • Mechanical engineering (M),
  • Design and product development (DPU),
  • Industrial engineering and management (I),
  • Energy, environment and management (EMM).

Testing materials for turbines

My research concerns the development a more efficient power generation by gas turbines. Today, many gas turbines are used as a complement for renewable sources, for example when the wind is not blowing or when the sun is not shining, which means that the turbine runs differently compared to earlier, when it ran for longer time periods with a lower number of start-ups and shut-downs. This leads to different requirements on the materials used in critical turbine components compared to earlier.





Short summary


  • PhD, Engineering materials, Linköping University, 2014.
  • MSc, Mechanical engineering, Linköping University, 2009.


  • Director of studies at the division of Engineering materials.




Research project