Industrial symbiosis for more sustainable business and regional development

Cooperation among diverse actors as manufacturing industry, energy and waste management companies, agricultural and forestry businesses, city administrators, port authorities, and public authorities offers unique opportunities for improved resource productivity and business competitiveness.

The opportunities may not be readily identified and recognised by private and public sector actors that can harvest them. By deploying systemic approaches assisting the development of industrial symbiosis networks, we can contribute to more sustainable business-, urban- and regional-development. 

My work focuses on diffusing the application of industrial symbiosis practices in order to advance more sustainable business and regional development. I am particularly interested in the role industrial symbiosis can play in leveraging bio-based regional economies and in contributing to more sustainable urban development. I explore ways of employing industrial symbiosis concept for these purposes by focusing on organisational and institutional factors.

Industrial symbiosis research projects

I am an active member of an applied research project focusing on developing an industrial symbiosis network in the Swedish city of Malmö. I am responsible for leading two of the work packages. One of these – titled “My residual your business”– focuses on identifying new business opportunities linked to synergistic relations. In this project, I work together with private companies, municipal representatives, the port authority and other researchers. 

I am also actively involved, and have work package leader responsibilities, in an EU sponsored applied research project, where we are focusing on developing industrial symbiosis networks in four European port cities, in order to increase the share of bio-energy resource utilization in these regions. 

Networks and Awards

I am also an active member of Swedish, European and global networks of industrial symbiosis researchers and practitioners.  

I received the Royal Øresund Award for Young Environmental Researchers: Recognising Innovative Research in Waste Minimisation and Resource Optimisation, 2004


I am responsible for the industrial symbiosis (TKMJ38) course offered as part of the Energy and Environmental Management Master’s program.

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  • B.Sc Environmental Engineering, 1995. 
  • M.Sc. Environmental Management and Policy, 1997. M.Sc. Environmental Engineering, 2000. 
  • PhD. Environmental Management and Policy, 2005. 
  • Assistant Professor, 2014.

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